Summoning Bloody Mary

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Juliette Lacroix, renowned monster hunter, has shortlisted you for a post in a brand new supernatural threat extermination team! Apparently, you already have your first mission…

Carefree youngsters tried their hand at summoning Bloody Mary, but things went south. When the entity appeared, one of the boys’ eyes met theirs and was taken into her reflective abode. The remaining youngsters urgently asked for your help to your team in order to save their friend from the grip of Bloody Mary. However, the missing boy was the one to know the secret to summoning her and the file containing the information is on his password-protected laptop. You must find that password as fast as possible to reenact the ritual and rescue Bloody Mary’s latest victim…


PLAYERS Up to 6 players
LEVEL For the best
DURATION 90+ minutes

This is an escape game that can be played in the comfort of your own home or any other place where you have access to an internet connection! Playing solo or as a team, on your computer or on paper, enter a story where you must solve a series of puzzles in any order. Solving them all earns you the story’s conclusion as well as letting you meet your objective. There are no rules to the game! Have fun, enjoy yourselves, use your creativity and your wit to win the game. You can play the game whenever you prefer, at your own pace, and without a time limit.

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