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To all travelers, adventurous people who live in this world, we have been talking about lost treasures for too long, about wonders in the world. Humanity has even come to doubt their existence. It’s time for you to join the ultimate quest that will take you on a journey through different countries to collect clues, solve puzzles and find the trail that will guide you to a treasure that will surely bring you wealth and glory! Our contacts have found clues for you to go in search of Excalibur or Atlantis. What are you waiting for? We are waiting for you!



Earth has just received a strange package, but no one knows where itcame from. An alien civilization? Human beings from the future? All we know is that it contains a vaccine that can cure all diseases. However, the suitcase contains tests to be passed, because apparently, the sender wants to make sure that the human race is worthy to receive this gift… Make humanity proud, find a way to access the contents of the suitcase!