Experts in puzzle game creation, Défi-Évasion has been taking the entertainment market by storm since 2015. It was after a trip to the country city of Nashville that the idea of creating Défi-Évasion came up! Thanks to a dedicated, innovative and passionate team, Défi-Évasion offers unique scenarios where immersion and acting are the order of the day. Every door you walk through when you visit one of our offices will make you experience the Défi-Évasion universe.



Défi-Évasion was the first escape game to offer immersive games in Quebec City. Since its creation and the opening of our first rooms in April 2015, our mission has been to offer entertainment in a different way! With the years and the busy daily life of today, we often forget to play. In order to offer a moment of happiness with your loved ones, our team has specialized in creating emotions and immersive experiences. Looking to surpass themselves and have fun, many of our customers come every week to challenge our unique games.


This is what drives us to surpass ourselves and take up new challenges.

With the satisfaction of our customers and partners always in mind, everyone can expect an optimal experience.

It is thanks to an attitude of pro-activity and mutual support that we lead all our projects at the same time.

Our ability to adapt to the changes and expectations of our customers depends on the dynamism of each of our employees. Self-improvement and initiative are encouraged.

There are no limits to offering the best experience to our customers, partners and employees, which means we are constantly evolving.