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Expert in the creation of riddle games, Défi-Évasion took the entertainment market by storm in 2015. The Défi-Évasion idea was born after a trip to the country music capital of Nashville.

Thanks to a dedicated, innovative and passionate team, Défi-Évasion offers unique immersive scenarios. Whatever door you walk through at one of our locations, you’ll be immersed in the Défi-Évasion universe.

What’s more, Défi-Évasion is now online. In March 2020, when the pandemic hit Défi-Évasion hard, it decided to reinvent itself and create a second company called Défi-Évasion At Home. Since then, the company has developed more than 20 100% online escape games that can be played at home individually, or remotely with friends.


Even More Additions

Creation of Défi-Évasion Youth

Creation of Défi-Évasion Routes

Managing the Crisis

Défi-Évasion must close its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, the business is closed for 13 months.

Creation of Défi-Évasion At Home: 100% online riddle games.

  • Over 20 original games are created and released for sale. Almost 100,000 games are sold in 1 year.
  • Creation of more than 10 customized games for various companies and organizations.

A New Location

Opening of our second branch: Défi-Évasion Lévis. Creation of four new unique games.

In total, 11 thematic rooms are now available.

Development of the concept of Enigmatic Stations. Coming in the form of a kiosk that can move to various events, the stations are added to the other original products.

Expanding… again!

Second expansion: Défi-Évasion acquires the two premises adjacent to its own. 12,000 square feet of fun are now available to escape room enthusiasts.

Seven thematic rooms are now available at all times.

Creation of the collaborative game Dark Web Infiltration.

An Offer Beyond our Locations

Initial marketing of our Défi-Mobile trailers. Two trailers are set up with original scenarios that can travel anywhere in Quebec.

Time to expand!

First expansion: Défi-Évasion moves from its premises on the 2nd floor to a storefront location in the same building.

Three thematic rooms are now offered.

The Beginning

Official Opening of Défi-Évasion.

Two thematic rooms are available.


A pioneer of escape games in Quebec, Défi-Évasion opened its first thematic rooms in April 2015. In our fast-paced lives, we often forget to just have fun. Seeking to offer a moment of happiness and fun with your loved ones, our team has specialized in creating emotions and immersive experiences. Looking for a challenge and enjoyment, our customers come in numbers every week to try their hand at our unique games, whether at our locations, online, or through our fun routes.



This is what drives us to push our limits and take on new challenges.


With the satisfaction of our customers and partners in mind, we strive to always offer an optimal experience.


We carry out all our projects through proactivity and teamwork.


Our ability to adapt to changes and the expectations of our customers rests on the dynamism of each of our employees. Welcoming challenges and taking initiatives are always encouraged.


We don’t believe in limits! This keeps us constantly evolving, allowing us to provide the best experience for our customers, partners and employees.