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You have questions, we have answers… If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us at contact@defi-evasion.com



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    With the exception of the Microbrasserie La Souche room, all of our games can be played in French OR in English. For the English version, it is important to mention it before the start of the game.

    Yes, we have rooms that can accommodate a person in a wheelchair or a person with reduced mobility. Contact us for more details.

    At the Quebec City branch, we have a room that can host around ten people. In Lévis, our reception hall can welcome up to 30 people. The rate is $50 + taxes per hour. Simply contact us to make the reservation by phone at 581-450-3334 or by email at contact@defi-evasion.com.

    Send us your CV at contact@defi-evasion.com and tell us why we should choose you!

    No, all sales are final.

    Your brain is all you need! In any case, you can’t use any outside help (books, calculators, cell phones, etc.). We invite you to bring only the strict minimum to your visit, because there isn’t any locked storage available on site to store your personal effects.

    Each game can accommodate the maximum number of players indicated per room. Thus, if your group doesn’t meet this maximum number, you may be grouped with other participants, unless you book for a private event (i.e., paying for the maximum number of players).

    Please note that currently, due to COVID-19, an exceptional measure is in place. Défi-Évasion will privatize each group to limit contact between people who do not know each other. However, because of this measure, a payment for minimum 3 participants is required (except for The Crazy Cat Lady room at the Quebec City branch).

    Yes, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to organize an event at Défi-Évasion. A discount rate is offered to groups of 20 players or more. Contact us at the following email address for additional information: contact@defi-evasion.com

    As soon as possible to reserve your ideal date and time. Available spaces get booked fast!

    Reservations for our themed escape rooms are made online on the website ONLY. Simply click on the “Reserve” tab to access the reservation calendar, which is updated in real time.

    For the games in our 12 themed rooms, you have 60 minutes to complete the challenge.

    Défi-Évasion suggests arriving 15 minutes before the time of your reservation in order to sign in and listen to instructions. Otherwise, you’ll simply have less than 60 minutes to get through your Défi-Évasion challenge… Your experience will last approximately one hour and thirty minutes from your arrival at our location to your departure.

    NO, the rooms / games are designed to be suitable for everyone. There’s no reason to be afraid; these are logic games. Moreover, with each room controlled by cameras, you can, if needed, ask to leave the room by indicating it to the game master. Obviously, if you leave the room, you won’t be able to re-enter it during the game in progress.

    We’re happy to offer a free game if it’s your birthday. This promotion is only valid if you plan your activity one week before OR after your birthday. We’ll ask you for a piece of ID when you visit us. To book, just use this promo code: BONNEFETE

    At our locations (Quebec City or Levis), the price per person per game is $33.92 + taxes and $31.31 + taxes for students. You can also enjoy a 25% discount on a second game played on the same day. To do so, call us at 581-450-3334.

    The RECOMMENDED minimum age to participate in a game is 12 years old. However, we accept children from the age of 8. All participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their guardian or parent.

    The minimum for a game to take place is three players, with the exception of The Crazy Cat Lady for the minimum number is 2 players. It is possible to add one or two more players per room of the recommended number. To do so, contact us by phone at 581-450-3334.


    There is no stopwatch or automated system for competing between multiple teams. If you’re interested, we have designed a scorecard to assign a score for each step. To find out more about competitive mode, click here.

    Most of our games are accessible for ages 12 and up. For younger children, we recommend the support of an adult to help them through the game.

    This is an online riddle game that can be played with any device as long as you have Internet access! However, this is not a video game. On your own or with a team, enter a scenario where you’ll have a series of riddles to solve that will allow you to reach the conclusion of the story and thus achieve your objective. There are no restrictions! Have fun, use your imagination and logic to succeed in the game.

    Click here for general instructions for At Home games.

    No, all sales are final.

    It depends on the game chosen and its difficulty level. On average, you can schedule 90 minutes of play. However, there’s no time limit, so you can do it at your own pace, and even in multiple sessions during the 60 days of validity.

    All of our online games are $17.40 plus tax.

    No, there’s no game host or facilitator. So, you don’t have to reserve a particular time slot to play. Just play when you feel like it!

    For participants playing remotely with other players, each player must have their own access to the game that they can open on one of their screens (computer, tablet, television, etc.). Each player must log in via their customer account which is automatically created at the time of purchase. Then, all you have to do is connect with the other players via a communication platform (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) to see each other and discuss the solutions to the puzzles. This is not a video game in which you will see the progress of your teammates in the game. Each player, on their own device, will have to enter the answers to move on to the next step.


    There’s no problem playing with people outside of Quebec or Canada. However, all players must have an Internet connection.

    At Home games are accessible and playable 100% online via our website. If necessary, you can take a pencil to write down information. You only need a device (computer, tablet or phone) as well as an internet connection. To be sure your device is compatible, we recommend that you look at the recommended specifications for the game you wish to purchase. If applicable, a link to a technology tutorial will be included on the At Home game purchase page. Many of our games include technological tools. In order to validate if the device (computer, tablet or cell phone) with which you are going to play is compatible, we invite you to click here.

    Simply allow a few minutes for the website to process your purchase. Once the transaction is complete, you can start your game by going to the Purchased Games / My Membership section of your customer account. This customer account can be accessed directly at the top right of the Défi-Évasion website.

    You’ll have access to the game starting at the time of your purchase and for the next 365 days.


    If you decide to play in several sessions, we recommend that you take notes of the answers obtained at each stage to easily pick up where you left off, because your answers won’t be saved.


    Contact us by email or phone so we can prepare a quote for you. Ideally, for us to plan travel and ensure availability, please allow a minimum of two weeks before your event for a reservation.

    Yes ! Our trailers have heating and air conditioning. They are therefore available throughout the year, both summer and winter.

    We offer 20 kilometres of free transportation from our head office (2500, rue Jean-Perrin in Quebec City). If your address is more than 20 kilometres away, travel costs may apply. Send us a reservation request so that we can get back to you with a quote.

    Please plan for a space of 60 by 20 feet. It must be accessible one hour before and one hour after the activity so that we can park and set up for you.

    No, the basic price doesn’t include an hour of activity.

    Yes, 10-15 minutes between groups is needed for us to clean up as well as set up for the next group.

    Like our games at our locations, we recommend a minimum age of 12. If applicable, underage players must be accompanied by an adult on their team to ensure the smooth running of the game and help them in their progress.