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How long does a At Home game last?

On average, you can expect a game to last about 1 to 3 hours.


Is there a minimum age?

The majority of our games are intended for players of ages 12 and up. 


Are the games refundable?

All sales are final.


Do I have to play my game on the day I buy it or can I start it at a later date?

Yes. The game will be available for you in your account for 60 days starting from the date of purchase. 


I can to play with friends remotely. How does that work?

For people who want to play with faraway teammates, each household must have their own copy of the game and each open it on their screen (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) Each household will have to log into their own accounts which are created automatically upon purchase.

Then, all you need is a means to connect with the other players via a communication platform (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) so you can see each other, discus and exchange about the puzzle solutions. They are not a video game where you can see your teammates’ progress. Each household will have to enter their answers individually to move on to the next part of the game.

There should be no problems with playing with people outside of Québec and Canada, but each household needs its own working internet connection.


Are there any clues available for a At Home?

There are! You can even get clues on your own and at any time. For each puzzle, you have access to three levels of clues (from vague to specific).


Do I have a time limit to play my At Home game?

Following your purchase, you will have access to the game for 60 days (two months), after which your game will be considered expired and you won’t be able to access it without making another purchase.


Can I play my game immediately after buying it or should I buy it ahead of time?

It can take a few minutes for the site to process your transaction. Once the transaction is complete, you can start your game by going to the My Membership section of your account (or Jeux Achetés on the French side of the site). You can access your account in the top right-hand corner of Défi-Évasion’s web site.


What material is needed to do an At Home game?

The At Home games are accessible and can be completed entirely online via our web site. There is no need to download an app or print anything out. You might want a pencil and some paper to jot down some things during the game, however.
The only thing you absolutely need is a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) with a working internet connection.


Do you do group discounts?

We do offer discounts for groups of 15 or more. To learn more, please contact us.


I want to play with people I live with. How many times do I need to buy the game?

If you want to play with other people in the same room, you can buy the game a single time, which will allow you to open the game on one or two devices (computer, tablet or smartphone). Both devices will have to be connected to the same account, however.


Do the At Home games have game masters?

No, At Home games do not have game masters. This means that you don’t have to book a specific time slot and can play whenever is convenient for you.


How much does a game cost?

The cost varies between 14.00 and 17.40 CAD depending on the game for 60 days of access per device you want to use at the same time.


Can I buy a At Home as a gift?

Yes! You can purchase gift cards for them directly from our online store. Once the transaction is complete, the gift cards will be available in your account under the Gift Cards tab. From there, you can access a PDF file that you can print out or send via email. 


I would like to buy multiple copies of At Home game. How should I do this?

To do this, add the desired number of copies to your cart and once the transaction is complete, go to the “Teams” tab in your account to send invitations to your teammates. 


How many people can play an At Home game?

The At Home games can be played alone or in a team. If you play in a team, we recommend that you have a team of maximum six players to simplify communication and make sure everyone can actively participate. There is no hard limit, however, so you can be a seven-person team if you’d like.

For example, if you have 70 players, you might want to form ten teams of seven. 


Are your games available in English?

In fact, since our creative staff is located in Québec City, all of our games are conceived in French, so there are even more games available in French! To purchase a game in French, please visit the French side of our site and you’ll see which games are available. Actually, four of them are available in English.