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Ghostly Mystery at the Citadelle


Ghostly Mystery at the Citadelle

Recommanded age



We recommend forming teams of up to 6 players.




One of the Citadelle’s captains has found a medal he does not recognize…

The story

One of the Citadelle’s captains has found a medal he does not recognize… Try as he might, he cannot identify it. He brings it back to his house to continue his research and, overnight, the medal starts emitting a strange energy. This creates a rift between the world of the dead and our own. Three historical figures with ties to the Citadelle have crossed into our world and taken the appearance of ghosts to haunt the fortress! Each of them is kept there by two objects they hold dear, but the ghosts will need help to find them and thus return peacefully to their world.

Important: This game includes some technological tools. In order to validate if the device (computer, tablet or cell phone) with which you are going to play is compatible, we invite you to click here.

Number of participants :

C’est un jeu d’énigmes en ligne (sur ordinateur, tablette, téléphone cellulaire) qui peut se faire de la maison ou d’ailleurs, tant qu’il y a un accès à une connexion internet! Cependant, ce n’est pas un jeu vidéo. Seul ou en équipe, entrez dans un scénario où vous aurez une série d’énigmes à résoudre qui vous permettront d’obtenir la conclusion de l’histoire et ainsi réussir votre objectif. Il n’y a pas de restriction pour le jeu! Amusez-vous, utilisez votre imagination et votre logique pour réussir le jeu. This is an online riddle game (computer, tablet, cell phone) that can be played at home or elsewhere, as long as there is access to the Internet! However, this is not a video game. Alone or in a team, you’ll enter a scenario where you will have a series of puzzles to solve that will allow you to reach the conclusion of the story and thus achieve your objective. There are no restrictions! Have fun, use your imagination and your logic to solve the game. For those playing remotely with other players, we recommend that you each purchase the game to facilitate your participation in the game and that each player has their own screen to play on (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). You can connect with your friends through an app. (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) to see each other and to discuss the solutions of the riddles. To go to the next steps, you’ll each need to enter the answers. At Home games can be played alone or in a team. We suggest that you form teams of a maximum of 6 players in order to facilitate communication and ensure participation from each player. However, you can be multiple teams of 6 players simultaneously playing the same game. Following your purchase, your access to the game will be valid for 2 months (60 days).     Les jeux Chez Soi peuvent être joués seul ou en équipe. Nous vous suggérerons de former des équipes de 6 joueurs maximum afin de faciliter la communiquer et assurer une bonne participation de chaque joueur. Toutefois, vous pouvez être plusieurs équipes de 6 joueurs qui jouent simultanément au même jeu.   À la suite de votre achat, votre accès au jeu sera valide pendant 2 mois (60 jours).  
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