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The Enchanted Chocolate Factory


The Enchanted Chocolate Factory

Recommended Age



However, we recommend forming teams of up to 6 players.




This humorous game will please all family members. An endearing story and accessible level of difficulty. Incredible for a first family experience!


A famous chocolate factory has recently announced that it will soon be releasing a new kind of chocolate: Turkoiz chocolate, with its natural colouring! As the foodie that you are, you rush to the store, but it’s closed! You can’t resist the wait and decide to sneak into the chocolate factory to take an exclusive bite out of the new product. You successfully infiltrate the premises without a hitch and find the chocolate presentation dish, at which point you gorge yourself without restraint! Until… you notice the HUGE poster placed above the dish that says it’s hazardous to eat this chocolate, as it’s still in the prototype stage, and turns anyone who tastes it into chocolate in just a few hours! Fudge! What kind of mess have you gotten yourself into?

Recommended age: 7 years and older. A game accessible to young and old.

Important: This game includes some technological tools. In order to validate if the device (computer, tablet or cell phone) with which you are going to play is compatible, we invite you to click here.

Number of participants :

This is an online riddle game (computer, tablet, cell phone) that can be played at home or elsewhere, as long as there is access to the Internet! However, this is not a video game. Alone or in a team, you’ll enter a scenario where you will have a series of puzzles to solve that will allow you to reach the conclusion of the story and thus achieve your objective. There are no restrictions! Have fun, use your imagination and your logic to solve the game.   For those playing remotely with other players, we recommend that you each purchase the game to facilitate your participation in the game and that each player has their own screen to play on (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). You can connect with your friends through an app. (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) to see each other and to discuss the solutions of the riddles. To go to the next steps, you’ll each need to enter the answers.   At Home games can be played alone or in a team. We suggest that you form teams of a maximum of 6 players in order to facilitate communication and ensure participation from each player. However, you can be multiple teams of 6 players simultaneously playing the same game.   Following your purchase, your access to the game will be valid for 365 days.  
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