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The Morgan Family’s Lost Treasure


The Morgan Family's Lost Treasure

Recommended Age



We recommend forming teams of up to 6 players.


1 h 30



It’s now been a year since you tracked down an ancient treasure that supposedly belonged to the wealthy Morgan family. After travelling all over the world to deepen your search, exploring beautiful but dangerous places and narrowly surviving a few traps, you’ve finally discovered the last map that will lead you to the treasure you’re after! You don’t have a minute to lose; go to the marked place and follow the clues. The treasure awaits!




Although only one purchase per team is necessary to complete the course, we STRONGLY recommend that each participant purchase their own game for an optimal experience.

  • Available at all times.
  • To play outside in the Parliament Hill district, with family or friends.
  • Cellular data required.
  • This game is not available during the Festival d’été de Québec (July 6th to July 16th 2023)

For minors, we strongly recommend this game with the help of an adult to assist them and make good progress in the game.


Following your purchase, the game will be accessible from your account on our website. If this is your first purchase, you will receive a temporary password by e-mail to log in to your account.


This game is also available in French. Click here to get it in French.



Number of participants :

This is an outdoor riddle game. With your cell phone in hand, you’ll wander the streets, participating in a unique game to solve the riddles! There is no time limit or specific time to play. The experience includes technological enhancements and multimedia content.
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